HCE Highland Cattle Eschweiler, passionate breeders of “Scottish Highland Cattle” in Luxembourg



We welcome you to our homepage « HCE Highland Cattle Eschweiler, passionate breeders of “Scottish Highland Cattle” in Luxembourg ». We are passionate about breeding Scottish Highland cattle since 2005. This breed fascinated us from the start with its wonderful appearance and companionable nature, as well as its enormous resilience against adverse weather conditions and its prudence on poor grazing land, whilst producing best premium meat. For us, Scottish Highland cows are the extensive breed without example.

From the start, we are afterall interested in framy Scottish Highland cows, often of Canadian origine. Our established goal is to breed high quality, robust and easy to calve Scottish Highland cows, combined with the best international genetics.

 We hope you enjoy the virtual journey on our homepage. We are happy to assist you with any queries that you might have.

 Carine and Marc Scheer



Export to Hungary

Early Decembre, we have sold 10 females and one bull to Hungary. We wish a lot of success and fun to the new owners.
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HCE SUNSET KINGS EDITION – RESERVE CHAMPION BULL 1st Judge Price 1st People’s choice   HAMISH 1st OF POINTER 2nd Judge Price 2nd People’s choice   HCE NUMA – 3rd judge price
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Export to the “Land of Valleys” (B)

This summer, we have exported 3 of our best heifers to Belgium. HCE MILADY, HCE MAGGIE and HCE MELINA will become the very basis of a new herd of Anne D. We wish a lot of success and pleasure to Anne watching her herd grow!
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Export to the North of France

Early this summer, we have exported HCE MONTY, a son of GINKGO V. KNAUSSERWALD x SHOSHONA V. AUGUSTENHOF, to Grégory D. From now on, HCE MONTY will be in charge of reproduction of Grégory’s herd. We wish a lot of success to the new owner!
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